Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Leaky Tech Pipeline framework explains how to address diversity and inclusion

 It’s clear there is a diversity and inclusion problem in tech. What some companies still struggle with, however, is how to fix it. Part of that is because it can be a hard problem to solve if one doesn’t scratch the surface of understanding it. Nearly four years since tech companies who previously sued to hide their diversity data released it, “we’ve had basically no… Read More

Russia breached 7 states' voter rolls before election: report - CNET

NBC reports that US intelligence agencies didn't tell states of Russia's role in attacks on election systems. DHS calls the report "inaccurate."

Even with double the subscribers, Spotify says Apple will always have an edge owning the app store

 Spotify just filed for a direct listing in the U.S., sidestepping the traditional IPO process, and now we’re starting to see some of the true financial guts of the company — and some of the significant risks it faces from challenging services from Apple and Google. Apple, for example, charges apps a percentage of revenue for subscriptions processed through the App Store. Apple… Read More

Spotify has filed to go public

 Music streaming service Spotify is going public and they’ve just unveiled their filing. The documents state that it is targeting a $1 billion IPO, but it’s been reported and we’ve heard from sources that the company plans to do a direct listing, meaning it goes public without the fundraising event. The filing shows that Spotify had $4.09 billion in revenue last year, compared… Read More

Google brings Hangouts Chat, its Slack competitor, to all - CNET

Now any corporate customer signed up to G Suite can use the new messaging app with dedicated chat rooms.

Energizer's enormous phone will have an enormous battery - CNET

Like Energizer's long-lasting bunny, the company's P16K Pro phone promises a battery that will keep going and going.

Twitter granting Bookmarks feature to all users today - CNET

Tired of using likes to save tweets for later? Twitter’s heard your pleas for a better solution.

Pagedraw UI builder turns your website design mockup into code automatically

 For years, one of the holy grails of web design has been trying to automate turning front-end design into clean back-end code. Early attempts included tools like Dreamweaver and FrontPage. Pagedraw, a member of the Y Combinator Winter 2018 class, has developed a tool to fulfill that vision in a modern context. Typically, a web design team sits down and creates a mockup of the user interface,… Read More

Facebook Watch to live-stream ‘The Oscars: All Access’

 Awards season might be coming to a close, but there is still one awards show left, and it’s a big one. The Academy Awards airs Sunday, March 4. The awards show will air live on ABC, but Facebook users will also have the ability to tune in to “The Oscars: All Access” via Facebook Watch. The Academy’s show page, ABC Television Network’s Facebook page,… Read More

Rhino is getting rid of security deposits for rental apartments

 Arguably the most frustrating part of renting an apartment, especially in an expensive city like New York, is dealing with the security deposit. One startup wants to make renting easier by getting rid of security deposits, with a solution that is beneficial for both renters and landlords. Here’s how it works: For a monthly fee Rhino provides your landlord with an insurance policy which… Read More

Giant Australian funnel web spider gets named 'Colossus' - CNET

Yikes. The Australian Reptile Park adopted a venomous funnel-web spider so big it had to be named fittingly.

Collective Health nabs $110 million in funding

 Enterprise health management startup Collective Health has added another $110 million to the coffers from existing high-profile investors such as Founders Fund and Alphabet’s investment arm GV, bringing the total now raised to a cool $230 million. The structure is partially a follow-on from a previously unannounced C-1 for $30 million and another $80 million in Series D funding. New… Read More