Thursday, August 31, 2017

Disrupt Berlin 2017 Startup Battlefield applications are now open!

 Startup Battlefield applications for Disrupt Berlin are now open. TechCrunch is hunting for innovative startups to launch on the famous Disrupt stage this December. Read More

Tech has its say about Trump and Dreamers - CNET

Silicon Valley once again is speaking out against President Donald Trump, this time about rumors he will end DACA.

Crunch Report | Postmates Shows Signs of Hard Times

The first ICO unicorns have arrived, the Nest Thermostat E is a new cheaper, simpler thermostat, Postmates laid off all its city managers yesterday and the latest SanDisk microSD card can now hold 400 GBs of data. All this on Crunch Report! Read More

Rest in peace, Richard Anderson, best boss of the bionic era - CNET

The late actor memorably played Oscar Goldman, boss of Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers on 1970s shows "Six Million Dollar Man" and spinoff "Bionic Woman."

New Star Wars Lego kits offer 'Last Jedi' clues - CNET

Lego reveals new characters and vehicles from the upcoming Star Wars film for the Force Friday II marketing extravaganza.

Spotify’s head of video and podcasts departs amid strategy shift

 Tom Calderone, Spotify’s head of video and podcasts, is departing the company amid a shift in content strategy.  The news was first identified by Bloomberg.  The digital streaming business, known for its music playlists, had expanded into other categories like original video, but the company has confirmed that it’s changing its approach. Said a spokesperson, going forward… Read More

Google’s Transformer solves a tricky problem in machine translation

 Machine learning has turned out to be a very useful tool for translation, but it has a few weak spots. The tendency of translation models to do their work word by word is one of those, and can lead to serious errors. Google details the nature of this problem, and their solution to it, in an interesting post on its Research blog. Read More

Lego Millennium Falcon: Feast your eyes on 17 gorgeous photos - CNET

The biggest Lego set ever made -- and for $800, it can be yours.

Microsoft critical of reported repeal of 'Dreamers' program - CNET

An end to an Obama era program that shields immigrants brought illegally to the US when they were kids would be "a step backwards" for the US, Microsoft says.

Nest is announcing something big on September 20 - CNET

The invite mentions a "comfy couch" and "popcorn." Are they referring to the announcement or the product?

Please let The Friendship Code and its tech-savvy girls be the new Babysitters Club

 Okay, full disclosure, I never read any Babysitters Club book. But you know what I’m talking about, right? We all had some endless series we read where a few kids just like us navigated the vicissitudes of life, teaching us lessons along the way. I’m hoping that The Friendship Code, which aims to do that — but with tech and coding woven in — will become that series for… Read More

Basis Set Ventures gets real to get to the heart of AI startups

 Lan Xuezhao has spent the last few months pulling together $136 million for her new machine intelligence-focused venture capital fund, Basis Set Ventures. I met Xuezhao for tea on a park bench in Potrero Hill earlier this week to chat about her strategy for the fund. Read More

Twitch’s new extensions let streamers customize their channel, make money from Amazon sales

 Twitch today is introducing a suite of tools called Twitch Extensions that will allow its streamers to customize their channel pages with interactive features, including polls, leaderboards, tickers, schedules, overlays, and even virtual pets, among other things. Beyond simply personalizing their channel to make it more engaging to fans, the extensions in some cases will help streamers… Read More