Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This new connected Kegel device is as weird as it sounds - CNET

A connected Kegel exerciser? An app that tracks the strength of your pelvic floor? It's everything you need, all in one box!

You don't have the right to marry your laptop, Utah insists - CNET

Commentary: In a filing, Utah's Assistant Attorney General says that, among other things, your laptop cannot consent to marriage.

Revisiting Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality? Why is it a big deal? And what is the current status of net neutrality?

Wheelswing is a contactless dynamo for your bike with a built-in battery - CNET

Made in South Korea, this dynamo can charge your phone as you pedal away on your daily commute.

Crunch Report | 2017 Internet Trends Report

Today’s Stories  Read Mary Meeker’s essential 2017 Internet Trends report Nest’s latest home camera is the super smart Nest Cam IQ Elon Musk will leave Trump councils if U.S. withdraws from Paris agreement Samsung’s elusive Bixby voice assistant is reportedly still weeks away from launching Credits Written by: Tito Hamze, John Mannes Hosted & Edited… Read More

How sales took Ysiad Ferreiras from gang violence in the Bronx to Silicon Valley

 Silicon Valley has very few executives that have a LatinX background, and today’s Breaking Into Startups Episode features a young Dominican from the Bronx named Ysiad Ferreiras that survived gang violence, became an engineer, and is now the VP of Sales for a company called Hustle. Read More

Uber Limits Loss to $708 Million in First Quarter

By MIKE ISAAC from NYT Technology

Uber's execs keep leaving, the latest to go is head of finance - CNET

As the ride-hailing company's top finance officer departs, Uber says it's business is "healthy and resilient."

EFF sues FBI for records of alleged informants at Best Buy - CNET

The rights group worries that the warrantless searches of devices circumvents customers' Fourth Amendment rights.

Really, Wisconsin? 5 words America would like help spelling - CNET

Google Trends is tattling on us. The search engine gathered state-by-state data on the words that always trip Americans up.

NTT Data announces strategic investment in NoSQL database provider MarkLogic

 NTT Data, the large Tokyo-based global IT services provider, today announced that it has made a strategic investment in database provider MarkLogic. The two companies declined to reveal the size of the investment, but Dave Ponzini, MarkLogic’s EVP of Marketing and Corporate Development, tells me it was “not a huge amount but not an insignificant amount either.” Read More

AT&T acquisition of Time Warner will not be blocked by Trump, CEO predicts

 Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes talked about the pending sale to AT&T on stage at Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California on Wednesday. Bewkes told the largely tech and media crowd that he doesn’t think that the Trump administration will have a big impact on the proposed deal, despite previous claims by the president that he’s against it.  Bewkes hoped that the… Read More

Europe Flunks Twitter on Removing Hate Speech Online

By MARK SCOTT from NYT Technology

Uber’s head of finance is out

 Uber’s head of finance, Gautam Gupta, is leaving the company in July, the Wall Street Journal reports. News of his impending departure comes as Uber has reported losses of $708 million. In Q1, Uber’s revenue was $3.4 billion, an 18% increase from its last quarter. Uber suffered losses of $708 million, not including employee stock compensation “other items,” the WSJ reports. Read More

US military data reportedly left on unsecured Amazon server - CNET

Defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton linked to account, which contained login credentials for other data repositories.

Sean Spicer suggests 'covfefe' may be Trump code word - CNET

Commentary: After the president sends a tweet that includes a strange word, his press secretary doesn't claim it was a typo.

Hillary Clinton says there were many reasons why she lost - CNET

The former US presidential candidate says email scandal, the rise of fake news and supposed Russian hacking of elections are reasons why she lost.

Senators ask FBI to look into FCC’s cyberattack claims

 The FCC claimed earlier this month that the comment system by which people can weigh in on the proposal to kill net neutrality had been on the receiving end of a distributed denial-of-service attack. Today, a group of Senators asked that the FBI look into it. Read More

How should startups work with city governments?

 If you want to re-imagine cities, you’ll likely work with city government. Sometimes this means city governments will your customer, but far more often founders will encounter an unfamiliar relationship that includes policy, regulations and enforcement. There are great resources to guide founders through all aspects of customer discovery, but there aren’t yet great frameworks… Read More