Monday, January 12, 2015

Accepting Different Payments

I hope this article helps you in accepting different forms of payments, you can always depend on me for services.

Credit Cards

Accepting credit cards can be very expensive. It can be hard for a small business like mine. However, there are solutions for home businesses.  Mobile Card Readers provide an affordable solution for Home Businesses. Here is a list of my trusted mobile card readers:

  • PayPal Here

  • Amazon Local Register

  • Intuit GoPayments

  • Square

Although you have many more options, each has their own pros and cons. Since the fees change, you should research for the one that best suits your needs. Here is a list of things to look for:PayPal Here

  • Price of the Card Reader

    • Some are free

  • Swiped Card fee per transaction

  • Keyed In fee per transaction (assumes credit card is not present)

  • Minimum Purchase Per Transaction

    • Usually, $1 or $5 (USD)

    • Or, no minimum

  • Monthly Quota

    • Minimum number/value of transactions

    • Monthly fee

    • or neither (optimal)

  • NFC Availability

    • for Google Wallet, Apple Pay, or other forms of NFC Purchases

    • At the time this article was published, none offer NFC.

  • Features

    • Online Store

    • Tax settings

    • Product selection (for easy checkout)

    • Bar code Scanner


A new form of currency just entered the market. Just like the value you give paper money, bitcoins work the same way. It is up to the public to decide what the value of a bitcoin is. Here is the current value:


To some it's known as Internet money, bitcoins currently are accepted by many. At the bottom of this page, you will note that I too accept bitcoins.

There are many bitcoin services out there that can help you, but the one I trust is Coinbase.

Just like Credit Card mobile card readers, you should look at what services each option provides.


If you would like to get my services to simplify this, I can help. See Products and Services for more info.

RGV Virus Outbreak

Ebola is a big scare in Dallas. With today's technology, like airports, viruses are harder to contain.

Likewise, computer viruses will cause damage.  Not to life, just your way of life. A tough one is a Ransomware virus that "locks" your files (such as photos, documents, etc.) and requests money to "unlock" your files.  This is an outbreak in the RGV and other parts of the world.

Just like vaccines, your computer should also be protected. With several FREE Anti-Virus Programs, it is easy to get protections. Here are some:

For Infected Computers

According to PC Magazine, these are some antivirus programs that will allow you to "Clean Up the Mess".

virusThrough out the years, the top two free programs that always work are:

Prevent Infections

Even paid antivirus programs will not protect you if you allow the virus to run. Here are a few tips.

  • Antivirus programs that come pre-installed in a computer tend to expire. Uninstall it and install one of your choice.

  • If you ever see a window that shows that your computer has been infected, don't click on it to "clean" it. Instead, restart your computer and run the antivirus that you installed.

  • Websites that offer "free" downloads, like Pirate Bay, will also offer free viruses that may get installed with out your consent.

  • If you can afford it, work computers should be used separate of browsing computers.

  • Change your DNS on your computer to something more regulated like OpenDNS

  • If you don't know who is sending you an email attachment, don't open it.

  • If you are told that your account is about to be closed unless you follow the instructions in the email, DON'T! If it's a bank, utility, or any other establishment account, call them. If it's a facebook, twitter, etc, close the window, open a new one and actually type it in yourself,, then verify that your account is ok.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Kids Mode Cellphone

cmg-tech-babyIsn't my baby beautiful?  At six months she's already using technology.

Are you afraid of your child getting in to your phone? Not me (at least not with this phone).  One of the advantages that this phone has is Kids Mode. What you'll need:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5

    • The problem here is the price: over $600

    • My solution payment plan via T-Mobile

  • Kids Mode App

  • Other apps to install (optional)

    • Fisher-Price (any)

    • PBS Kids

  • OtterBox Defender Series

    • It may be a bit more expensive (close to $60)

    • If you spent the $600 for the Galaxy S5, then you definitely should get this for the Kids Mode

The reason why a Galaxy S5 is because it's the only cellphone I know that has Kids Mode.

Another reason is that the Galaxy S5 has a fingerprint scanner. I have niece who will ask you to unlock your phone and pay attention to the PIN or Pattern you are using so that she can later do it herself when you're not looking. The finger print scanner will prevent this.  No matter what, your finger will be needed to unlock the phone.

The purpose of the Kids Mode is to prevent children from pressing the Home Button and accessing your other apps by not allowing to exit Kids Mode with out a PIN.  Later, you can add apps in the menu that they can access like the ones previously mentioned.  Be careful, some "kids" apps are not kid friendly.  They usually have ads that are distracting.

The OtterBox Defender Series is the one you will need because the belt-clip serves as a kickstand.  In the picture shown above, the belt-clip holds the phone to the shopping cart. Although the belt-clip may not work as a kickstand vertically, you can twist it so that it holds the phone vertically on the shopping cart.  Another reason for this OtterBox is the level of Kid Resistance.  Throwing things that are $600 is not a good idea. But, your child does has not yet internalized that yet. Until then, the best protection for your valuables.  It's also, Adult Resistant.

Thus, it's a good setup. I use it and it works for me. Do you have a better one? Let me know.

Fresh Start & New Site

baby-bizNew businesses need a fresh start.  As a Computer Technology Consultant, I have seen how some Home Businesses start and succeed. As a Home Business, I understand the frustration of starting up.

All in all, this new venture will be a long running one. CM Garza will get started with one and will soon grow as a Family Business.

One of the greatest features of CM Garza will be to provide personal and friendly service, while the site will show useful information about Computers and Technology in my Tech Talks.

The Fresh Start of CM Garza has begun!